Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance

At Sanrachana, we believe that an e-Business is propelled by a streamlined, elegant yet professional website and a streamlined elegant website start with enlightening, engaging conversations between a client and its professional web design company. We make sure that we are involved throughout the project process.


Our team works hard to fulfill our clients objectives, through an iterative process of information gathering, presentation of conceptual designs and client feedback.


Step 1: Information gathering


This first stage of the design process is the most important of all. We believe in taking the time to talk to and listen to our clients; working closely with them to develop a clear and detailed design brief and a design survey which together provide most of the information we need to get started.


Step 2: Working it out together


Initial rounds of detailed conversation will often help clients develop a clearer understanding of what they wish to achieve and it is an opportunity for both project teams to work collaboratively. We have a number of techniques to make this an enjoyable and rewarding process for all participants.


Step 3: Production and presentation of conceptual designs


Sanrachana develops concept designs as static visuals which are presented to the client for their consideration. Most projects require us to create high quality custom graphics. This may include in-house production of digital artwork or photographs, commissioning of artwork or sourcing appropriate images and other media online.


Step 4: Client feedback


With a number of conceptual design ideas to consider, the client gives their feedback to our designers who progress the visuals, though an agreed number of iterations, towards the final design. Production of website templates or the application interface then begins.


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